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trust nothing, trust nobody

Sea - Air - Land

*Small Yachts & Large (Super)Yachts

*Expedition Cruise Ships & Cargo Vessels, Oil Tankers, (Very) Large Gas Carriers, Containers

*Small & Medium size Business Offices

*Small Office Home Offices

Large private VVIP & U/V/HNW & residentials

*home users, families, kids:

CyberSecurity for servers, workingstations, computers, mobile devices & IoTs, personal, business or financial data

is more important than ever.

Information Communication Technology


Critical Infrastructure Protection

Radio, Vsat & TVRO

LF-MF-HF-VHF-UHF, GMDSS, Analog & Digital Survey, Installation, Support & Training.

Audio Video - IT - CyberSecurity

Support, Installation & Training, Industry news, cyber updates & customiez hardware, software, audio-video purchasing & delivery. Cyber assessment, audit & protection (PenTest, White Hat, Red Hat, SOC, SIEM, ITIL).


Mircophones, Bluetooth, GSM, 3G/LTE, mini video cameras, WIFI physical & software intrussion detection and annihilation etc.

Networking & PC

For Small Medium size Business offices, Small Office Home Office, private residences & home users: maintenance & upgrading (hardware), OS (Windows/Apple/Android) & software updating, zero-day exploits patching, remote suppor, etc

RF & Wifi monitoring and heatmap

Spectrum analysis for troubleshooting and improving your radio (HF - VHF - UHF, Wifi 2.4/5/6 Ghz) coverage and operability in radio & wifi spectrum.

Web design & SEO

Websites with Social Media capabilities, PenTest & CyberSecurity Audit.

Deep Web & Social Media research, investigation & analyzsis

Information is the power!

Temporary / Relief AVIT Office

For Operations, Shipyard, New Build, Sea Trials to cover your pesonnel for a limited period of time.

Social Media

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